When looking to create your small business website, you’ll need to search for domain name ideas and choose the best name. You can use domains name generator to help you find the best domain name. You’ll then need to find a good web hosting package. But if you don’t have the money to choose a robust web hosting company, you can always start with free web hosting and changeup to paid hosting when business picks up. However, choosing a free web hosting provider is as hard as paid web hosting. Luckily, this post discusses the main features to look for when choosing a free web hosting provider:

– A free web hosting provider should come with excellent support and uptime



Make sure to choose a free web hosting provider with email and telephone support. This is important because you may run into an error or experience glitches in the course of running your business website and you would want help immediately.

Uptime is a critical aspect of both free and paid web hosting. Although most of the hosting providers can’t guarantee 100% uptime because of problems beyond their control, such as power outages, natural disasters, and maintenance, they should put measures in place to reduce downtime. So, ensure the free web hosting provider offers at least 99.9% uptime.

– The web hosting provider should offer enough disc space and bandwidth


The amount of traffic accessing and leaving your business website is called bandwidth.  The amount of storage space allocated for you by the web hosting provider is called disc space. It’s essential that the free web hosting provider offers enough bandwidth and disc space for your business. For example, if your website hosts a lot of images and videos, you’ll need a lot of disc space and bandwidth. So, check out these two features before you sign up for any free web hosting. We recommend you to take a look at Shopify, since this is a great website builder and hosting provider, is the perfect combination to start with.

– The free web hosting provider should offer email


The best free web hosting provider should provide you with with email services to enable you to set up your domain name email accounts. Besides a webmail interface, which allows you to log in and manage email via your browser, the email service should come with SMTP and POP3 access that lets you set up and access your domain name emails through your mobile devices. Without email functionality, you may not be able to do aspects that matter to your business.

– Choose a free web hosting provider that integrates web builders into their platform

If you’re a beginner website owner and you don’t have the skills to create your custom website, it’s a good idea to select a web hosting provider that offers the ability to create a site on their platform. Ideally, the website builder should come with a wide range of templates to choose from and enable you to create a beautiful website.

The web hosting provider should also come with FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This protocol enables the seamless transfer of your website files from your PC to your free web hosting provider and the other way round. Besides letting you easily upload your website files to the web hosting provider, it enables you to download your website files from the free web hosting provider to your computer. That underlines the importance of choosing a free web hosting provider that offers around-the-clock FTP.



So these are the basic features that should come with free web hosting. However, note that there is always a catch that comes with free web hosting. The web hosting company will have to display their ads on your website. But you can always get free web hosting providers that don’t compel you to display ads.