To create a beautiful and high converting e-commerce website, you need a domain name, web hosting company and a top websites builder. But that’s just for starters. Running it is a daunting task. You have to make sales, fulfill orders, and receive payments. That’s why you need everything covered on all fronts before you launch your e-commerce websites. Here are things you need to cover from the customer’s point of view:

E-commerce websites design

The design of a website is crucial when looking to attract and retain as many customers as possible. A great design is like walking into a clean, spacious and well-arranged retail store. It instantly brings a comforting feeling, and you are motivated to buy. A bad design is like walking into a retail outlet that is disorganized and smells. It brings out an uninviting atmosphere, and you will want to step out immediately. The design of your website should be up to scratch to lure more customers to buy. So, hire a web designer to create an excellent design for your e-commerce website.

Customers like fast e-commerce websites

With shoppers’ attention span shorter these days, you only have seconds to attract and retain them on your web pages. That underscores the importance of speed when building your e-commerce website with e-commerce websites builder. Otherwise, they will abandon your website. A fast e-commerce website feels good because pages take few seconds to load. That means what you need is delivered to you fast. This, in turn, increases customers’ shopping experience and boosts sales.

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Your e-commerce platforms should have good product selection

Face it; most small businesses can’t match Amazon or eBay when it comes to product selection. But having a massive range of product selection is not a guarantee for success. Having a limited product selection can allow customers to find products quickly, make quick buying decisions, and increase your conversions.

Customers want streamlined checkout systems when buying from e-commerce websites

It can be regrettable for a prospective customer to visit your e-commerce store, check out your product selection, the select product they need, include it in their shopping cart only to abandon it at the last hour. Customers abandon their shopping carts due to lack of their favorite payment option, high shipping costs and compelling customers to create accounts before they can buy. To mitigate shopping cart abandonment, make sure you have competitive shipping costs, have multiple payment options and let customers buy even if they don’t have an account.


The e-commerce game is so competitive that if you can’t provide these three basic customer wants, you will lose to competitors. The adage ‘’ the customer is always right’’ is true here. The customer is the one holding the gun (money), so you should give them what they want to avoid getting into trouble (losing sales).