Humans are designed to save a lot of energy regarding the use of brain power. Once we discover a good model, we tend to store it by default to other similar schemes instantly. This saves us the energy and brain power needed to recognize the same things in future. So if you’re an e-commerce website owner thinking of broadening your web presence through your homepage, keep the following things in mind:

Practicing model behavior is important when designing the home page for your e-commerce platforms

It’s okay not to know your customers’ current mental models for e-commerce websites. You can research to find out. It’s a perfect idea to start with the big players when doing research. For example, if you’re running an e-commerce website, head out to Amazon and check out its layout. Large e-commerce websites typically have standardized layouts, and it’s likely that customers’ mental models will be ingrained in their basic features.

Simplicity is vital when creating and updating your e-commerce websites’ home page

Most e-commerce owners focus on applying more aesthetics on their landing pages. While this might catch their attention at first, it may end up to be overwhelming. Today’s shoppers are busier than ever. As much as the landing page design may be creatively wild, they will pass and go to a simple e-commerce website, where they can quickly locate essential features like call-to-action buttons and other critical tabs.

Don’t be over creative when designing your e-commerce websites’ home page

Artistry is a critical characteristic to employ to stand out from competitors and make your e-commerce platforms memorable.  However, make sure there is a balance. Your website design should be flawless, clean and simple. In other words, it should have all the basics required to enhance customer experience. This can only be achieved if you moderate your creativity.

Put your customers in mind when designing your e-commerce platforms home page

When designing your homepage, you can be caught up in the maze and forget your customers’ needs. When designing your homepage, think like a designer but put yourself in the customers’ shoes. Ideally, you should come up with a home page design that your customers will like.


Think about why a customer should shop on your e-commerce website than drive to a local retail store. Don’t give them a reason to drive to the local retail store. Make their experience out-of-this-world that they only think of your site when they want to buy again.

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